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Why charcoal bristles?

Posted by Joe Mass on

Charcoal is like modern-day dental fairy dust. Hipsters have been touting this stuff for years—we should’ve listened sooner.

Kidding aside, it offers a lot of benefits. If you’re interested in this magical substance, read on.

Absorbs Plaque and Bacteria

Due to its naturally porous structure, charcoal absorbs plaque and bacteria in the mouth, helping clean both teeth and gums more effectively.

The charcoal absorbs and binds bacteria together at a microscopic level to reduce and remove it from the mouth, compared to a conventional toothbrush that simply scrapes and sweeps bacteria away.

Naturally Whitens Teeth

Charcoal reduces tooth staining, and actively whitens teeth. It absorbs the tannins that bind to your teeth and cause stains. As charcoal removes these through regular brushing, you’ll see your teeth become whiter as the contaminants that age and darken the surface are removed. So, your teeth will return to a more natural, white tone—no bleaching or cosmetic dentistry required.

Reduces Bad Breath and Odor

The same carbon-absorbing properties that remove plaque and tannins can also remove bacteria that cause bad breath. The bacteria that causes funkiness isn’t masked or overpowered—it’s absorbed at the source. You’ll love the extra post-clean feeling, and so will everyone else that interacts with you throughout the day.

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